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How does file delivery work?

Upload RAW files only, unless otherwise specified. We'll take care of the post-production!

Upload photos of the shoot by pressing the "upload files" button at the bottom of the shooting task, strictly by the evening of the shooting day. Otherwise, the fee will be sanctioned in proportion to the economic damage caused. We advise you not to close your browser until the transfer is complete. Finally, make sure that you have uploaded all the material.


The number of shots is generally specified in the assignment. Otherwise, we ask you to deliver at least 30 shots. However, in order to offer the customer a wider choice, we recommend delivering as many photos as possible. Please remember that a series of bracketing shots count as one.


For the convenience of both of us, we ask you not to upload services heavier than 10 GB. If this is necessary, please let us know.

If you have problems uploading material, please send a WeTransfer (or similar) to

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