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How to best manage my sessions?

What if the service lasts longer than expected?

The expected time for each type of service is an estimate to help you plan the service and is generally the maximum time needed to complete the assignment.

If you take longer to complete the service due to client issues or special constraints beyond your control, please contact us as soon as possible and explain the situation. We will do our best to provide you with the necessary support.

What if I leave the site - after the estimated time - without completing the service?

You should always finish the service if possible. If you see that the session is taking too long for reasons beyond your control, please contact us and explain the reason and we’ll provide a refund for the extra time you took to finish the service.

What if the customer doesn’t want me to follow the guidelines or has special requests?

If the customer's requests are clearly different or even contrary to our guidelines, it would be best to contact us during the service. Otherwise, if it is a matter of some small differences, you can follow the customer's instructions.

What if the person on site doesn’t want me to do the photo shoot?

In these cases, we ask you to contact us immediately. You will be reimbursed half of the pre-arranged fee plus any transport costs. If the customer wants a new appointment, we will try to reschedule the service.

The location is not suitable for the service requested, what should I do?

Carry out the service in accordance with the customer's requirements, trying to do the best you can. When uploading photos on the platform remember to add a comment explaining the situation.

I arrived at the appointment, but no one is there. What should I do?

We advise you to call the on-site contact or the customer. You can find their contact information in the service task. If they don’t answer, we kindly ask you to wait 20 minutes before leaving. Remember to contact us while you are on hold to communicate the client’s no-show.

I arrived at the appointment but I cannot find the exact location

In this case, we suggest you contact the contact person, if they do not answer the phone contact us and we will do our best to solve this problem.

Do I have to confirm appointments for services with clients?

No, unless otherwise specified. After receiving the assignment and confirming your availability for a service, the platform will send an automatic confirmation e-mail to the customer. You will then meet the customer at the time and place of the appointment.

What happens if the customer cancels the service shortly or just before the appointment?

If the client cancels the service a few hours before the start of the service we will try to understand the reason and reschedule the service according to your availability. If the client cancels the service just before the start of the service or if he/she does not show up for the appointment without a valid reason (e.g. illness, etc.), a cancellation/no-show refund will be provided.

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