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How to sign up?

Your profile grants you access to your personal dashboard, where you can efficiently manage all aspects of your work with us. In your dashboard, you can view and complete task assignments, submit materials, upload invoices, and track payments for your services.


You can create your freelancer account 🔗here


Once you created your account, the following steps should be followed to activate your profile:

Confirm your identity and contact details 👤

When you create your profile make sure you have completed all the details, also check that the phone number is correct and make sure you have an account on Whatsapp, we will contact you through this channel for collaboration. In order to activate your account you must also verify your identity by uploading a valid ID.

Apply for one or more badges 📷

Ready to join our team? Obtaining a badge is the first step.

All you need to do is deliver a minimum of 10 shots that strictly adhere to our guidelines. This will allow our quality control experts to evaluate your skills and ensure they align with our standards.

Please check out this tutorial to see how to apply for bagde

The badge verification process usually takes between two days and a week. If it takes longer and you haven't received any feedback, reach out to us. Our team will make every effort to quickly review and verify your work.

Sign our terms and conditions 🤝

The last step to properly activate your account is to view our terms and conditions, be sure to complete this step as well in order to start partnering with us


Once you have completed these steps, we’ll be ready to work together! ✨

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