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How to work with Wesual?

Assignment process

How will I receive the service assignments?

You will receive the assignments directly on WhatsApp via the phone number you registered with on the Wesual platform. Once you have accepted a task, you will also see all the details on your Wesual profile.

In case direct arrangements are made first, it may be that a task will be assigned to you directly on your Wesual profile. In these cases you will also receive an email, so please update your notification settings to ensure that you receive notifications of assigned services.

How many photo/video services will I get?

This directly depends on factors such as the geographical proximity and experience/skills of the photographer, the number of times we have worked together in the past, the availability shown, and any special requests from the client.

Am I compensated for travel expenses?

Any reimbursement for travel expenses, where the creator is required to travel from his/her area of coverage, is always communicated with the service fee at the time of the request for availability.


Travel expenses are calculated and applied when the location of the service is outside the creator’s city or area of coverage. The coverage area must be defined and communicated during registration and on the talent’s profile.


The minimum distance for the application of travel expenses is 40 km for a round trip from where the photographer is located and outside the urban area.


Delivery & Quality Control

How does file delivery work?

Upload RAW files only, unless otherwise specified. We'll take care of the post-production!

Upload photos of the shoot by pressing the "upload files" button at the bottom of the shooting task, strictly by the evening of the shooting day. Otherwise, the fee will be sanctioned in proportion to the economic damage caused. We advise you not to close your browser until the transfer is complete. Finally, make sure that you have uploaded all the material.


The number of shots is generally specified in the assignment. Otherwise, we ask you to deliver at least 30 shots. However, in order to offer the customer a wider choice, we recommend delivering as many photos as possible. Please remember that a series of bracketing shots count as one.


For the convenience of both of us, we ask you not to upload services heavier than 10 GB. If this is necessary, please let us know.

If you have problems uploading material, please send a WeTransfer (or similar) to

What equipment do I need to have to work with Wesual?

Any professional interchangeable lens camera is suitable for the services we offer our customers. Depending on the lenses and other equipment you own, you will be able to work in certain categories rather than others.


A full-frame camera would be recommended, but cameras with an APS-C sensor can also work well. A 360° camera for virtual tours would be a plus!


Depending on the lenses you own you will be able to receive assignments in different categories. Generally, it is required to have at least one bright standard zoom lens. In the case of real estate services, we require the use of an ultra-wide-angle lens.


It is important to take care of your camera and lenses. Photographs that show signs of dirt on the lens or sensor will not be considered acceptable.

What is a guideline?

The guidelines outline our expectations, giving you all the details you need to successfully perform the requested service. The guidelines include not only a list of sample shots and photos but also give you some tips on how best to carry out the service, obligations and prohibitions in relation to Wesual and the client.


At Wesual, it's important to follow guidelines for photo shoots to ensure high-quality results and customer satisfaction. If guidelines are not followed, your photo shoot may be rejected. If this happens, there may be consequences, such as having to repeat the session. However, we understand that there may be unexpected circumstances where exceptions must be made. If this occurs, the creator must provide a clear explanation for deviating from the guidelines when submitting the materials.


Reject an assignment

Can I refuse an assignment?

You are free to accept or refuse assignments. Obviously, the more a creator is available, the more assignments he or she will be given, but if he or she decides to refuse a request, there will be no problem!

I’ve accepted a service but cannot do it, what should I do?

For a cancellation more than 24 hours before the date and time of the service, we ask you to contact us so that we can reschedule the service with another employee.

On the other hand, you will have to contact the client directly if you have to cancel or reschedule the service at the last minute, but only with a valid reason. In this case, in addition to contacting the customer directly, you will have to contact us to inform us of the reason and any rescheduling agreed upon with the customer.


Collaboration with Wesual

What kind of collaboration can be expected with Wesual?

Collaboration with Wesual will be on an occasional basis.


By collaborating with Wesual is there a restriction on collaboration with other platforms or agencies? Absolutely not! By respecting Wesual's policy on confidentiality of materials and know-how you are free to work for your customers or with other platforms.

Is it possible to provide private services to Wesual's clients independently?

Per the terms of our agreement, all confidential information received during service provision (such as client names or agent names) must be kept strictly for the purpose of providing the service and may not be used for any other purposes.

Are photos or videos taken while providing services to Wesual allowed to be used for personal or commercial purposes?

According to the terms of our agreement, it is strictly prohibited to commercially exploit or monetize the photos or videos taken during Wesual services, whether in their original form or after modifications have been made.

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